Nepal Deathfest

Still recovering from the effects of the NDF2016 the most brutally awesome crowd and a fantastic, well organised festival.

Weird that so much energy and agression comes from a venue with absolutely no beer in it, but if that’s how mad they are sober – we’d love to see ’em with a few on board.

Before the main event was the pre-show warmup in Pokhara. 7 hours driving through the mountains with RipOff from India, the ony thing flowing faster than the piss-taking was the beer. So, many many piss breaks later we arrived into the beautiful city.


The venue was something out of streetfighter, emptied dismantled and burn out cars, over mechanic’s pits in  working garage, with a massive PA setup and no stage – just an area marked on the floor by the monitors. Crowd surged into the space with no control and only our guitars for safety.

Despite the cold – playing outside in single digital temperatures – the energy was up and boys and girts alike were destroying the place, when to our great pity and surprise the police came in and put an end to everything. Only 4 songs into the set and Stu’s doom drums were just too much for the city to continue to allow. So with crowd pressure and artful negotiation from Mike we were allowed to play a final song before clearing out – and before the meat wagons came (sadly meat wagons and meat trains aren’t compatible).

Oh well next day and 8 hours pack to Khatmandu.

The main event and the deafthfest was awesome, we were on just after our new buddies Rip Off, tongue in cheek massive grind from Bangalore, great guys and a sense of humour.

The venue is loud and the crowd were brilliant, really bringing the violence, in a supportive Meat Train way. Plenty of room to be ourselves and the PA could handle the kit – which is always a bonus.

Followed by the crazy Sete Star Sept from Japan the day was a great success – off out for beers and wait for day 2 with Nervo Chaos and Fleshcrawl.

Both bands were awesome and we had as much fun as the crowd, although needed to keep sneaking off for a beer – Iki is alright as they didn’t realise her coke was actually Khukri rum, should have thought of that!

Thanks to all at the Nepal Deathfest, especially the excellent international and local bands, the cracking sound and Vishal for organising. Great city, great crowd, splendid people.