Flesh Made Man

The original debut

October 20, 2015
Meat Train
Number of discs: 1

The first album from Meat Train

1. Wastelands [3:58]
2. Meat Train [3:15]
3. Torn apart [3:14]
4. Death scene or money shot [1:38]
5. Flesh made man [4:10]
6. Messiah [4:00]
7. Platform h8te [3:04]
8. Braindead slaves [3:35]
9. The butcher of seville [2:39]
10. Zombie strippers must die [4:03]
11. Pray prey [3:19]
12. Blinded by the moon [3:45]
13. Closer [4:02]

“This record is a fine specimen of meaty extreme metal that is sure to ram anyone who is listening with full force.” metal gallows

“An uncompromising sound of brutality… Descending into total depravity… meat train are definitely proving their mettle in gory spades, bringing the true defiance of the extreme metal underground to a wider audience.” Kenneth Gallant horror metal sounds

“One of the coolest grind records everyone should own, Meat Train markes a brutal voyage into the world of anger” Souldgrinder Zine