Random Acts of Carnage

Coming 29 September 2017

September 29, 2017
Meat Train
Contagion Records
Producer: Meat Train
Number of discs: 1

On the 29th of September a new level of horror, fear and ferocity will be pulling into a station near you. The whispered warnings have spread through the metal underground like wildfire and now the dreaded event is upon us…Meat Train have returned. Led by their own deranged anti-priest, these sinister, soulless beasts of brutality are on a crusade of carnage. They not only want to watch the world burn, they want to kill as many people as possible as the flames engulf us all.

Contagion Records have taken it upon themselves to release Meat Train’s unholy book, their bestial bible, their manual to the end of all things…Random Acts Of Carnage. The eleven hymns of horror that nestle like vipers beneath the bloody insanity of the cover art explore the darkest depths of human behaviour. From unflinching examinations of the chapters of history that shame our entire species to flesh eating fantasies and tales of the undead, Random Acts Of Carnage leaves no ghastly stone unturned, no shadowed corner unexplored.