The band

Meat the Train

Formed in 2011 by Mike Pearson (ex-Winter Of Torment) and Chas Fenoughty (ex-Thus Defiled), Meat Train took their name from the Clive Barker short story, The Midnight Meat Train and their inspiration from the tale’s bizarre, dark brutality. The pair took their first hesitant steps into the darkness with the creation of the Flesh Made Man album – thirteen tracks of primitive, battering bludgeon. The album drew in many a complimentary comment from the press, but the ambition of its bloodthirsty creators was not satiated. They knew there was so much more they could achieve…but they needed help.

First on board was Iki Dredgewood, a savage, masked, Amazon warrior – armed with a bass capable of delivering gut-crushing payloads of choking filth. Then all that was needed was a drummer who could unleash absolute hell on his kit; a beast of a man, a butcher of the skins. It took little to persuade Stuart Songhurst (ex-Thus Defiled) to step through the doors of the Meat Train.

With the complete Meat Train team assembled, new, horrifying life was breathed into the old songs and fresh blood soaked anthems tore their way from the creative womb. The Meat Train ride could finally begin in earnest. Already the band have travelled to the most distant corners of the globe, drowning the unsuspecting metal fans of Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand in unending torrents of blood. They have even headlined the infamous Nepal Deathfest, driving the audience into a frenzy of violence.

And the Meat Train just keeps rolling, collecting ever more victims as it goes. A new album awaits just over the horizon as well as ever more violent incidents of live carnage. And there’s always room for one more on the train…

“…death metal that will make you feel sick to your stomach…”
Terrorizer Magazine

Genre: Filthy Death Metal
For fans of: Autopsy | Grave | Desecration | Six Feet Under