Asia 2015 Eat or be Eaten

The eat or be eaten tour was a great success with great gigs and awesome audiences.

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
Vietnam – Hanoi
Philippines – Manila
Thailand – Bangkok

“Once you’ve crossed the road in Vietnam you have nothing left to fear.”

Exhilarating attitudes to life, excellent and cheap beer and super spicy food, Vietnam was all we could have hoped. First up was the Saigon Ranger bar in Ho Chi Minh city, a large upstairs bar with a fuckyou attitude to noise control. Playing with a mix of metal bands from extreme to more classic the crowd were receptive and Meat Train delivered a nasty set to much appreciation.

Next was the grimy, urban brilliance of the Hanoi Rock City, a skate, metal bar with huge space, lots of floors and some great hang outs, it also has the best cocktails at ridiculous prices. This place is perfect for long days and big festivals with so much to do but none of it was needed as everyone supported every band. Extreme from the hanoi scream these guys and girls know how to mosh.

Fly to Manila, where the traffic never sleeps. Ridiculous heat but excellent cold beer and nearly two hours sleep, Manila is a cool cool place. The graffiti on the buses was interesting and unique the beer cold and the guys very metal. The venue Chromebox a massive hall was simple in function but who cares when the people are so laid back. BBQs and beer in the street all night, from 5pm to 5am. Sure the shops had bars in front of them but we were treated great and had the maddest crowd in painful temperatures. Stu decided to punish Mike and extend the end of meat train as Mike was moshing out in the crowd with his wireless, 42 degrees and the end of the set. Monster crowd and massive party attitude.

Finally was the Immortal Bar in Bangkok. Owned and managed by the singer of Carnivola, the immortal bar is a dedicated metal pub with a mellow vibe but a big approach. Great stage, brilliant kit and super beer, the bands were awesome and the moshing was crazy. After the heat of Manila the heat of Bangkok wasn’t even too painful!

Massive thanks to everyone we met, moshed with, drank with or ate with. Some true friends made!