First stop

“It filled every one of his senses: the smell of opened entrails, the sight of the bodies, the feel of fluid on the floor under his fingers, the sound of the straps creaking beneath the weight of the corpses, even the air, tasting salty with blood. He was with death absolutely in that cubby-hole, hurtling through the dark.”
– from The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker

The soundtrack to that nightmarish, bloody hell-ride has arrived at platform one – Meat Train are here!

Block 11. A vision of hate serves as the best warning for the future. Can humanity ever learn? Listen here.

New album coming soon. Come back on Monday 17 July for a major announcement.

We're back in the studio. Work has started on the second album, we have written most of the tracks and are halfway through the recording - what this space